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Driswood Music Productions

About Driswood Music Productions

Driswood Music Productions is located in scenic Shenandoah Junction, which is in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. The owner/proprietor is Jerry Walker, and in case you haven't guessed by the graphic, I'm a trombonist. Services of Driswood include: Music copyist (parts done on Encore), private brass instruction, MIDI sequencing, and performance

About Jerry Walker

I am a graduate of Shepherd College with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. My teaching experience includes 2 years as band director at Hundred High School in Hundred, WV, 5 years as band director at Brunswick High School in Brunswick, MD, 3 years as band director at Brunswick Middle School in Brunswick, MD, and 9 years as elementary band director at various elementary schools throughout Frederick County, MD. I have also taught privately for 22 years. My professional experience includes 3 years in U.S. Army Bands, 1 year with The Caldwells, a show band out of Columbus, OH, many localshows, and various local and regional bands. I have performed with the Four Tops, The Temptations, Harry Blackstone, Jr., and Shari Lewis. I currently perform with Studio 6, a local Top 40-Variety Band, which is very much into sequencing.

Other Interests and Occupations

Driswood is also home to DrisWoodWorks, my woodworking shop. I make various craft pieces, small boxes, wooden trash cans, 2 liter soda stands (they look like wine racks), benches, etc. This will be my "second career" after I retire from teaching, so I am going full tilt to get my business up and running before I retire.

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